AI-Based Solution for Driving Attentively

A mobile app that takes advantage of your phone camera and deep-learning to detect distraction & fatigue while driving.


AI-based solution for driving attentively



According to World Health Organization about 1.4 million people die due to traffic accidents every year, plus 20 to 50 million are injured or disabled, people who suffer life altering injuries with long-lasting effects. Nearly 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes involved some form of driver inattention. Primary causes of driver inattention are distracting activities and drowsiness.

Our Solution

A mobile app that takes advantage of smartphones’ cameras coupled with deep learning (Image recognition) to detect distractions while driving.
The app’s function goes beyond mere monitoring and tries to come up with ideas and solutions to help the driver regain his calm after experiencing high levels of inattention.
“Distraction score” determines how distracted a driver has been up to that point. The more distracted a driver becomes, the higher this number will be.

Product Features

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Product Features

Always On

The application is capable of working in the background. Therefore, that you can use it alongside any other apps you may need while driving, such as Waze, Google Map, Spotify, etc.

Computer Vision

Your facial expressions and eye movements will get extracted from the front-camera in real-time, in order to be processed with our proprietary deep-learning model. This model converts them into a metric we call "Accident Score".


The “Accident Score” indicates how much is your chance of having an accident based on the attention level in the last couple of seconds. If it exceeds a specific threshold, you'll get notified via voice and visual alerts.

How Driventive App Work?

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Home screen notifications

If the Driventive application detects distraction through facial expressions, head movements, and body gestures, it would notify the driver to take a short break even if the phone is locked.

In-app notification

Driventive monitors the driver in real-time, regardless of the application they are using at the moment and notifies them if their distraction score is high, so they can be self-aware when needed.

More than monitoring

If the driver experiences high levels of inattention, the Driventive app helps them regain their calm by offering personalized meditative suggestions such as using headspace or listening to calming music on Spotify.


Driventive app provides undeniable and concrete proof of users’ distracted driving reports so they can gain insight into their driving patterns and avoid speeding tickets and be safe.

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